Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Definitely Cooking...A New Remix!

Realboy is cooking and at work. Back again so soon already releasing a new remix for INNERPARTYSYSTEM "Not Getting Any Better". They again have amazed me by throwing a "chop genre" and moving into a more mellow but bass heavy groover. They also do a great job with the vocals. These guys are on a roll, can't wait to see what they have in store for the future here, and hopefully some new great summer remixes.

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  INNERPARTYSYSTEM- Not Getting Any Better (Realboy Remix) by Realboy


These two Germans are musical geniuses. With the release of their upcoming album “2 Hearts” they are creating lots of hype for this summer. One of the major headliners for HARD Summer, they plan on playing a live set which is bound to be spectacular. For those that do not know what the difference between a live set and a DJ set, it’s them playing mp3s versus instruments. Live sets are always so interesting and usually incredible to watch as any live band would be. Most people think that Dj’s are talentless and only know how to click buttons on the computer to make music and that anyone can do it, this is definitely not the case. After watching some live sets you should instantly realize that these guys are MUSICIANS and they know what they are doing, they aren’t computer geeks who happened to master a production program.

Their new album is something that I can’t seem to put my finger on, but not in a bad way. In fact, I am actually intrigued by the direction they chose to go with the album and the diversity it has in comparison to the majority of the electronic music being produced today. With most of the tracks having vocals, it is a much less “dance” oriented album, yet at the same time its backed with the genius of Digitalism which gives it the flare it needs to be viable on the dance floor. This new album definitely gets my seal of approval.

Here is their first single off of their new album I Love you, Dude, "2 hearts"

And a personal favorite of mine

Soulwax and 2manydjs

The two godfathers of electronic music as we know it today. These guys have been around for awhile and continue to carry on an untouched legacy. The two Dewal brothers who founded Soulwax and 2manydjs are critically aclaimed as two of the most talented performers in the industry for both their live sets as Soulwax and at the tables as 2manydjs. They are the upringers of the mashup and have kickstarted modern day "Raves" to what they are today. They began DJing because they were bored on tour and they didn't like the DJs at the clubs, so they just asked to take over and 2manydjs was born. These guys have taken over DJing and taken it to the next level. With them touring as Soulwax and playing as 2manydjs they also make time to produce their own albums although progression seems to come very slow for these guys.

Here is a video of them live at HARD Summer last year, and a remix of one of their biggest hits.

"Kids" by MGMT, remixed by Soulwax.


This guy is filthy. Although he sometimes gets carried away in his overwhelming dirty and grungy sound he also has the ability to create something that takes use of the perfect amount combined with his catchy vocals. He has a very bass orientated style and his chopped vocals and "beepy" house sounds display this guys nature and what line he is walking in the EDM scene. Signed to Turbo Records, run by Tiga, he gets to produce alongside some of the greats, and throw out some great remixes and originals for others to cut into. He is a great new addition to the label, giving them the younger and newer sound to look forward to in the coming years.

Wtih support from very big names such as Erol Alkan, who played "Sucker" in his HARD Summer Mix 2010 for last years festival. Getting someone like this to play your track can only mean good things, and better things to come.



Sunday, June 5, 2011


Yes, another one of the famous and most known on the Ed Banger Records, Justice. The frenchmen  Gaspard AugĂ© and Xavier de Rosnay are iconic for their single D.A.N.C.E., a dedication to Micheal Jackson and their remix of MGMT "Electric Feel" which won a Grammy award for the best remixed song. With one of the most visually exhilirating music videos attached to the song it makes it even better. Their remix of "Electric Feel" by MGMT portrays their true style. These guys are the new generation of rock and roll with their grungy metal sounds. Some say they sound like Metallica but reinvented for the future.  Their live sets from their tour for "A Cross The Universe", their new album was also one of the best live set tours I have watched through their documentary on tour. Throwing down edits and really mixing and chopping their own productions they are able to throw down some truly danceable sets.

Here is D.A.N.C.E. with the music video

"Electric Feel"

And my favorite song personally "Waters of Nazareth".

Friday, June 3, 2011

Simian Mobile Disco

These guy's are phenomenal. I have seen quite countless live shows, and DJ sets and theirs was by far the most epic. Accompanied by some of the most amazing lights in the industry these guys know what they are doing knob for knob literally. Apart from their amazing music, their live sets are nothing like anyone's that I have seen before. James Ford and Jas Shaw are two of the most impressive producers around and they take their production skills to the stage with them. Their setup is unique because they travel with their analog synthesizers unlike the majority of people who use plugins for various DAW programs and get them setup before the show. Both of these guys walk around for an hour straight, twisting knobs and pressing buttons. They re-create all of their music live on stage with these analog synthesizers. If you are looking for one of the most fantastic live shows of your life, these guys are who you want to keep your eye on to do so.

Here is a video of a part of their set. *Caution* if you have epilepsy.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Felix Cartal at Our House Records

(Left to Right: Felix Cartal, Austin and Daniel [Realboy], Random Camera Guy)

This guy is a Canadian Powerhouse. One of DIM MAK’s finest. This guy has been throwing down around the world for a few years now and has begun to develop a sound that is massive consisting of large buildups with very hard powerful drops. Most of the tracks he creates are bangers indeed and get the crowd moving on every occasion. His newest EP Solar/Lunar were some of my favorite tracks to date by him, especially Solar. The power that Felix Cartal gets behind his hard hitting electro house is always something worth going out to see, so I did it. Coincidentally, my friends Austin and Daniel of Realboy happened to be opening for him on April 30th at 330 Rich Street in San Francisco. I decided to make a weekend of it. 

After leaving Friday afternoon the journey was very long. I got to Realboy’s house at around 11 P.M. The next day was big for them, as well as preparation over at Our House Records and dealing with Felix (Taylor). After picking him up at the airport, and taking him to his hotel I stuck around with Realboy as they created their set and prepared for the night, now, onto Felix and his set. I really enjoyed watching him light up such a tight knit show full of fans from all over San Francisco. I have never been to that many smaller shows and it really opened my eyes to the “closeness”. Nevertheless, Felix threw down hard…he had me going throughout his entire set. I was very impressed and even had the chance to exchange a few words with him in the back room, but nothing of importance was really said. Mostly small talk, either way, it’s always cool to communicate with artists who are moving forward with success.